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Gutter and Roof Cleaning Services

Leaves and Debris Can Clog Gutters Causing Damage To Your Home

Bugs, Birds, Plants & Mice Breed In Dirty Gutters

Unhealthy Mold Can Develop From Clogged or Damaged Gutters

Excess Moisture Caused By Clogged Gutters Encourages Wood To Rot

Avoiding Damage

Cleaning the gutters on your home can help you to avoid serious damage to the structural integrity of your home as well as protecting it from both insects and animals. Even the outside of your home such as your drive way can suffer if you don’t clean the gutters on a routine basis. Most people take care of this unpleasant chore in the late spring as well as mid to late fall to prevent a great many things from happening to their home. Some even hire a company to clean the gutters for them routinely throughout the spring and fall to keep the gutters clean and keep them from becoming clogged which can lead to the many damages that could occur to their home.

What Could Happen

There are many different things that could happen in the case of a clogged or unclean gutter that will cause expensive and expansive damage to the home. Cracked foundations, leaking basements, wood rot, insect and animal damage, and even sagging in the drive way are all things that could occur if the gutters on your home are not properly cleaned. Believe it or not, the number one cause of a leaky basement is a clogged gutter.
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The water overflows from the gutter and collects around the home and its foundation leading to wear on the foundation and water spilling into the basement. Many animals love water, and especially insects enjoy the moisture that a clogged gutter can provide. Mosquitoes, birds, plants, and mice love the debris that becomes lodged in the gutter and they begin to breed. This can cause not only an infestation but mice, birds, and bugs will begin to eat away at the wood of your home to get inside and continue the damage from within the home.

Moisture also encourages wood to rot much faster and not only cause damage to your roof from the weight but begin to work its way into the foundation of your home. Mold is another concern that is not often thought of in terms of damage that could occur to your home, some mold can be extremely dangerous and cost you thousands of dollars to repair not only the damages but to rid your home of the toxins they produce.


While, yes, you hate to clean the gutters. And yes, it may be the worst chore you have to do around your home as it is time consuming and may force you to spend time on a ladder scooping the many things that have become lodged in the gutter. However when you are a homeowner, your home is your largest investment and does so many things for you that you may not even realize. Keeping the gutters clean and clear of debris is one of the best things you can do for your home to help it last for many generations.


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