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Other Reasons For Needing a Roofing Inspection

This is why you NEED to have a proper roofing inspection performed

When you get ready to purchase a new property, there are going to be hundreds of different things you need to look into, details that you’re going to need to focus on, and checklists that you’re going to need to run through.

And while each and every one of those details are going to be unique to every property that you inspect or that you purchase, one element is always going to need to be thoroughly inspected before you pull the trigger on a real estate purchase – the roof.

Far and away one of the most important structural components of any home (or any building, for that matter), you are going to need to make sure that your roof is in picture perfect condition – or at least as close to picture perfect condition as reasonable.

That’s only going to be possible with the help of the best professional roofing inspector you can find in the area. Here’s why you need to turn over this inspection to the experts.

Protect your property

Anytime you’re talking about a roofing project your usually looking at projects that will cost anywhere between $800 and a few thousand dollars – not exactly a drop in the bucket for your budget by any stretch of the imagination.

But you’re also talking about performing “open surgery” on your roof – and if that repair project isn’t pulled off exactly as it needs to be, or if the procedure is ignored completely (either through ignorance or some sort of malicious intent), you’re going to be in for a very nasty surprise.

The only way to protect yourself from these overly expensive repairs is to hire a professional roof inspector or a roofing contractor to give your new roof a look over in advance of you signing on the dotted line.

They’ll be able to determine exactly what kind of condition your roof is in (as well as the underlying structure), and we’ll give you advice about whether or not you should go ahead with the purchase.

Avoid scam “repair” projects

By hiring a professional roofing inspector (or one that is linked to a reliable and reputable roofing contractor or company in the area) you’re going to be able to avoid “blind inspections” from complete and total strangers that might not only recommend that you have the entire roof replaced when it doesn’t really need it. They might also refer you to “experts” that will kick them a little bit of money on the side for finding them a roofing job that wasn’t necessary in the first place.

This happens a lot more often than most people like to acknowledge.

It’s just another reason why you need to be 100% certain that you’re only moving forward with legitimate roofing inspector professionals, those that have a sterling silver reputation in your local community – those that you know you can trust completely.

Dig up as much inside information about roofing inspectors as humanly possible before you decide to move forward with any of them to be certain that you’re working with real pros.

Improve the value of your home dramatically

Finally, the right roofing inspector is probably going to set you back anywhere between $200 and $300 (or more) – but they are going to add a tremendous amount of value to your home in the process.

Think of this as an investment.

After all, who wouldn’t like to spend $200-$300 to know for certain that they should walk away from a real estate investment (of a few hundred thousand dollars may be) because they would have to spend their entire potential profit margin on proofing repairs?

When you hire a roofing inspector, you aren’t just hiring someone to climb a ladder, poke around a little bit, and maybe slide into the attic with a flashlight to “kick the tires”. You’re hiring someone to cover you completely, someone to give you specialized knowledge and insider information about whether or not it makes pertinent sense to pull the trigger on the real estate deal you’re interested in.


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The metal roof that Mercer and Sons Roofing replaced my old raggedy shingles with looks absolutely amazing. These guys were WAY more affordable than the 3 other estimates I received from other locar roofers. Ronnie and his wife were very helpful during the entire process and I highly recommend using them for your next roofing project.
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