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Metal roofing is one of the best options for your new roof in comparison to the other options that are out there. The many benefits that you will enjoy as well as the long lasting roofing that you will possess with a metal roof can help you save money in more ways than just one. While some options, like a shingled roof, may be less expensive than a metal roof, your roof is a true investment and should be able to last between 40 and 70 years with ease. Your other options will leave you replacing your roof every 12 to 20 years depending on the climate.
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While it may seem difficult to believe, more and more people are putting metal roofing on their homes because of the endless benefits that metal roofs provide home owners. Metal roofing has become 10% of the total residential re-roofing market and has been seen used for thousands of years. Copper roof shingles were used on the Loha Maha Paya Temple of Sri Lanka, the Romans put it atop the Pantheon, and even into medieval times St. Mary’s Cathedral and many other architectural works of awe inspiring art used metal roofing. While times have obviously changed and technology has advanced the metal that is used for roofing today, the thought that you could have a metal roof like these wondrous historic sites may be just enough to get you on board with the idea. However there are many benefits that these architects knew of that you should hear for yourself.
Metal roofing should be an option that is considered by anyone who wants a new roof for a wide variety of reasons. While metal roofs do look amazing, they are also proven to last in high winds better than any other roofing material on the market. Shingles fly off, tiles slide and break, but metal is firmly attached to your roof top and will withstand the abuse of wind and water with ease. Of course metal roofing is going to be fire resistant, but did you know that they also provide better energy efficiency as they can help to keep your home cooler. This is due to the light reflective paint that coats each piece of roofing metal and the energy can be dispersed in a way that it can provide to help keep your home cool. These metal sheets and panels area also light weight to assist in the preservation of your home’s structural integrity as well as the life of your home and roof. A metal roof along with routine gutter cleaning maintenance will go a long way to keeping your home safe and dry for many years to come.
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Metal Roofing Benefits
There are many rumors flying around about metal roofs that are simply not true that could discourage you from considering a metal roof for your home. Some people have a belief that metal roofing attracts lightning causing fires and other disasters, however this is completely untrue. Others feel that by putting metal roofing on their home they could blind someone driving down the road if the sun hits it right, which again is completely untrue. The metal sheeting and panels that are used on your rooftop are painted to be mildly reflective to light, allowing for properly disperse of heat and the sun, but these panels are not so reflective that you will blind drivers. Others have said that they don’t want metal roofing because of the very few color options, however there are numerous options available for color to help you get the roof that you want as the paint that is applied to the metal panels can come in just about any color. Some people may not even realize your roof is even metal.


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The metal roof that Mercer and Sons Roofing replaced my old raggedy shingles with looks absolutely amazing. These guys were WAY more affordable than the 3 other estimates I received from other locar roofers. Ronnie and his wife were very helpful during the entire process and I highly recommend using them for your next roofing project.
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