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Many houses possess shingle roofs due to the inexpensiveness of the materials that are used in building as well as the upkeep on these types of roofs. While there are many different types, colors, and quality of shingles that you can put on your home, you should know the pros and cons of possessing a shingle roof before putting the money into the project.

You should also keep in mind that shingles are also more commonly used on new construction residential homes as well as other buildings with sloping roofs. It is best to do your research before spending the money to build or redo your current roof to ensure that you are using only the best materials available on your home.


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If you’re currently in the market for a new roof, you have a lot of options to consider and a lot to think about where each one is concerned. In fact, no matter when the last time was that you were shopping for a roof, the market has no doubt changed a lot. So you’ll want to do your homework before committing to any one option. The good news though, is that there has become one clear favorite in today’s market that may make your decision an easy one.

Metal roofing brings a number of benefits to the table including longevity, durability and beautiful aesthetics. Click the link below to find out more about metal roofing in Gainesville, Ga.
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While cleaning the gutters on your home may not be your favorite chore or maybe even your most disliked chore, it is extremely important for many reasons. And while you could go about cleaning your gutters many different ways, most people opt for hiring a professional service to take care of it.

Most people understand why the gutters on their home need to be cleaned, but most cannot imagine the amount of damage that it can do to their home when not done. The fact of the matter remains that your home depends on you to ensure it gets taken care of. So as long as you have this chore completed regularly, whether by a company or doing it yourself, you're doing your part.
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The metal roof that Mercer and Sons Roofing replaced my old raggedy shingles with looks absolutely amazing. These guys were WAY more affordable than the 3 other estimates I received from other locar roofers. Ronnie and his wife were very helpful during the entire process and I highly recommend using them for your next roofing project.
Alice McKenzieGainesville, GA
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